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9am to 6pm

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Director's Message

From The Desk Of Managing Director

Mr. Narendra Giri

Managing Director

As an educational institute we have always prided ourselves on our cutting edge approach to education. We believe that education has to keep pace with the world and today when the world can change at a moment’s notice, we have managed to keep our students at par with the best in the world. Extraordinary education extends the biggest service to the individual, to the nation and to the humanity at large. With students fired with the spark of determination to excel, a competent and dedicated faculty here, leaves no stone unturned.

His grand vision, determined diligence and pragmatic business approach following the highest standards business etiquettes helping this Institute to flourish and expand its footprints in various high-value education verticals – constantly and swiftly.

A Civil Engineer by education and an entrepreneur by choice – Mr. Narendra. F. Giri always believes to do something unique that can positively touch and enhance people’s lives globally. He embedded and nurtured this philosophy into the DNA of this Institute. It is this belief which is helping him flourish his business in multiple educational trajectories.

Mr. Narendra. F. Giri constantly motivates his employees with his inspiring words and shares his valuable experience with them regularly to achieve the unthinkable. He always tries to make a significant positive impact on people’s lives with his various benevolent initiatives whether if they are his employees, customers, stakeholders or the society at large. This not makes him a successful but also makes him a rare and respected personality in the entire spectrum of human life.

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