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Electrical System Laboratory

In the Electrical System Laboratory, we give an insight to the various electrical components and assemblies to impart demo and hands on exposure. This is the basic lab for electrical in which students interact with various theorems, machine, electrical network etc.They get skill to operate electrical machine. This lab is fully equipped with lab equipment like motors generators, transformers, all measuring instruments, capacitors inductors, three phase auto transformer, mockup of aerodrome lightting system, mockup of spark plug test unit, mockup of patenting system.

Instrument System Laboratory

Flight instruments are the instruments in the cockpit of an aircraft that provide the pilot with information about the flight situation of that aircraft such as altitude airspeed & direction similarly in the instrument laboratory the students are exposed to the various Aircraft instruments and Aircraft Instument systems such as Auto Pilot, Pitot systems as well as Flight and Navigational instruments and Engine instruments. The instruments system lab is equipped with mock up Altimeter test chamber, mockup compass swinging, mock up pronciple of Bourden tube, mock up Thermo couple primciple, mock up fuel system.

Radio & Navigation Laboratory

Positive and effective communication is the need of hour and hence we being the part of aviation industry, cannot afford to lack in the same. In the Aircraft, there are various systems of Radio and navigation i.e. Radio and Tele communication (RT), Weather radar and various electronic systems are taught to the students in the RN laboratory Navigation, Science of direction a craft by determining its positive course and distance traveled. Navigation is concerned with finding the way to the desired destination avoiding collisions, conserving fuel and meeting schedule. Radio lab is equipped with microprocessor training kit, digital signal generator, maximum power Transfer theorem (Training kit) single stage Amplifier (training Kit)

Jet Engine Shop Lab

Indira IAE has All the Latest Aircraft Engines like Boeing 747 Turbo Jet Engine, Turbo Prop Engine, Turbo Shaft Engine, and MIG 21 Engine. Institute Perfers Practical oriented Teaching to the students.

Air - Frame Shop Lab

Air-frame shop Equipped with latest Equipment's and Mock-ups of Aircraft System, for Demonstration and understanding of various system such as Aircraft landing Gear, Aircraft Pneumatic Shuttle Brake System, Aircraft Hydraulic Power System, Aircraft Cabin Pressurization System, etc.

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