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Welcome to IIAE

We the Indira Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (IIAE) Pune welcome those who aspire to fulfill their dreams of launching themselves into the unbounded sky by enrolling & becoming the priceless membrane of the glorious aviation field. The IIAE can empower the aspirants to achieve their goal by imparting the effective and affective training in the field’s of theoretical and practical aspects of Aviation. This can be possible only when someone is bestowed with quality training.

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) plays a vital role in the field of Aviation, rather one can say that he/she is an important and inexpensive link between the flier and a flying machine. He is the one who assures the safety of the flier and his flying machine.

The Geographical location of the Indira Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Pune, makes this Institute the most saught after as the weather conditions here are most comfortable not only this but also the standard of living is far better as compared to the other places and yet cheaper. Pune is globally well connected by air and also by rail and roads to the other important and major places of India. This Institute is accessible and approachable through Internet.

The IIAE provides affordable AME course (Avionics) with the reasonable fee structure. As well the students here are made to feel at home by providing the standard hostel facilities not only this but also their safety is ensured 24 X 7.

The last but not the least, at this Institute, every student is provided one to one attention and his/her academic/career growth is ensured.

So, hurry, make your choice and you won’t repent or regret.

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